Amerikan Freak

    (Spacedog, 2006)
™ and © 2006 Ahmet Zappa

Goth Jason Kohaner is the school freak. The accident that left him with a permanent limp also gave him the power to read minds, among others. His closest confidant is his older brother Jesse, who protects Jason from all the jocks and popular kids who constantly bully him. When one of those jocks goes too far and murders Jesse in a devastating hit-and-run, Jason vows revenge. He never expected that Jesse would be back to help him collect.

Amerikan Freak is a standard jocks vs. outcasts yarn with supernatural overtones. Notable is the fact that one of the writers on the book, musician and actor Ahmet Zappa, is the son of unorthodox musician Frank Zappa.

— Jerry Smith

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1 copy available for $1.99
 CA. 2006John Leekley, Ahmet Zappa, Brendan SmithClay Sparks

#1 Variation A

No copies available
Convention Exclusive on coverCA. 2006John Leekley, Ahmet Zappa, Brendan SmithClay Sparks

Book #1

5 copies available from $9.12
 Includes Amerikan Freak #1 and additional story no printed in single issue form; ca. 2007John Leekley, Ahmet Zappa, Brendan SmithClay Sparks, Nigel Raynor