Jack Hightower

    (Dark Horse, 2006)
™ and © Dark Horse Comics, Inc.

One of the CIA’s greatest secret agents, Jack Hightower, had a chance to take out a dangerous terrorist, Dr. Savant. But Jack allowed his emotions to jeopardize the mission, and the resulting chaos destroyed Savant’s headquarters, most likely killed Savant, and left Jack transformed by one of the bizarre inventions into a ten-inch tall man. Finding his new life unbearable, Jack is determined to prove that he still measures up as a secret agent, and when a few odd crimes matching Savant’s M.O. occur, Jack sees his chance. With only the help of a dishonorably discharged ex-agent and a strange, young engineer, Jack sets out to catch Savant, restore his reputation, and perhaps find a cure to his condition.

— Jennifer McGinnis

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 ca. 2006Will Vinton, Andrew WieseFabio Laguna