Avengers—Kang: Time and Time Again

    (Marvel, 2005)
™ and © Marvel Characters, Inc.

(from the publisher)

The super-villainy of Kang the Conqueror...unleashed at last! You’ve seen his true colors in YOUNG AVENGERS; now, see what came before! In a classic contest, the Grandmaster and Kang pit the Avengers against the Squadron Sinister and the wartime Invaders! And when the self-proclaimed “Ultimate Kang” sets outs to conquer his alternate-reality counterparts, only one force can possibly halt his mad march: himself!? Plus: Kang takes on Thor and the Hulk!

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 Collects Avengers #69-71, 267-269, Thor #140, Incredible Hulk #135Stan Lee, Roy Thomas, Roger SternJack Kirby, Sal Buscema, Herb Trimpe, John Buscema