The Adventures of Superboy

    (DC, 1991)
™ and ©1991 DC Comics, Inc.

For its final four issues, Superboy (2nd Series) changed names to become The Adventures of Superboy. In doing so, it moved closer in the racks to The Adventures of Superman, which had changed its name from Superman (1st Series) a few years earlier.

Unfortunately, no mere name change could save this title from extinction. It’s last four issues did contain some good stories, however, including “The Secret (Until Now) Origin of Nicknack,” co-written by Gilbert Gottfried, the rather grating comedian who played this villain on the Superboy television show.

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 Series continued from Superboy (2nd Series) #18  


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 Origin of NicknackScott LobdellJim Mooney


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  Kevin DooleyPeter Krause


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 Final IssueJoey CavalieriCurt Swan