Adventures of Spawn

    (Image, 2007-2008)
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From the Publisher:
One of the most powerful figures in comics made the leap from the printed page to the Internet with The Adventures of Spawn - an entirely new imagining of the Spawn mythos, envisioned and created in the streamlined, frenetic style of Saturday morning cartoons.

In an all-new online format, Spawn, his allies and adversaries duked it out in weekly installments on And fans of Todd McFarlane’s tortured anti-hero eagerly came along for the wild ride

Now, the circle of creation is complete as The Adventures of Spawn explodes onto the printed page in this exclusive volume.

It’s all collected right here for the first-and only-time. You’ll find all-new content, including additional pages created expressly for this print edition, never-before-seen original sketches, an interview with the creative team that made it all happen and much more.

Pulse-pounding battles. Betrayal and revenge. Primates gone haywire. Open the cover and join the adventure, as the Forces of Light collide with the Forces of Darkness, former lovers become deadly opponents, and those possessing the Relics of Ruin control the fate of humanity.

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 Reprints online comic strip from Spawn.comJonathan David GoffKhary Randolph


2 copies available from $10.00
  Jonathan David GoffKhary Randolph