True Brit: A Celebration of the Great Comic Book Artists of the UK

    (TwoMorrows, 2004)
™ and © George Khoury and respective artists

The British are coming! The British are coming!

Not that we didn’t know that 20 years ago when Alan Moore came dripping out of the Atlantic Ocean and scared our socks off in Swamp Thing. Or that Alan Davis didn’t wow us with his fluid artistic renderings. I’m not sure if we even thought of the Raphaelic Barry Windsor Smith as British when he took Conan to artistic excellence.

But the point remains. The British came, and kept on coming. They changed the way we look at comics in North America. They changed the notion that “good” comics were produced in North America. We were wrong. Boy were we wrong.

British comics were every centimeter as good as “ours.” And the creators that produced the British books were just as celebrated over there. TwoMorrows has honored the Brits in this handsome book. From Dredd on the front cover to Barry Windsor Smith on the inside back, George Khoury gives us never before seen (in the United States anyway) interviews with British greats like Frank Bellamy, John M Burns, Alan Davis, Dave Gibbons, Syd Jordan, David Lloyd, and Kevin O’Neill. In the great comic-art book tradition, both color and black and white art is included.

Readers will be compelled to seek these artists work out. And that’s the ultimate compliment a reader can pay TwoMorrows. Congratulations on a job well done!

— Tim Lasiuta

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