All-Out War

    (DC, 1979-1980)
™ and © DC Comics, Inc.

This six-issue war comics focused on war heroes, albeit not always conventional ones. Among its atypical characters were the all-black fighting men of the Black Eagle Force in World War II; a brave dog with a talent for sniffing out the enemy during the Viet Nam war; and the unstoppable “Viking Commando,” who takes a detour from his trip to Valhalla in order to thwart the Nazis (whom he recognizes as his eternal enemies, the Huns). This last hero, as well as a multi-national resistance and sabotage team, Force 3, continued as characters through the entire run of the short-lived series.

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8 copies available from $6.50
Origin of Viking CommandoRobert Kanigher, Evan Douglas, J.M. DeMatteis, Murray BoltinoffGeorge Evans, Dick Ayers, E.R. Cruz, Jerry Grandenetti


5 copies available from $9.50
 Robert Kanigher, Murray Boltinoff, Carl WesslerGeorge Evans, E.R. Cruz, Dick Ayers, Edgar Bercasio, Jerry Grandenetti, Lee Elias


1 copy available for $5.00
 Robert Kanigher, Murray Boltinoff, Bob HaneyGeorge Evans, Bill Payne, Dick Ayers, Mar Amongo, E.R. Cruz, Jerry Grandenetti


5 copies available from $3.85
 Robert Kanigher, Murray Boltinoff, Archie Goodwin, David AllikasGeorge Evans, Dick Ayers, Ernesto B. Patricio, Rene Samson, Jerry Grandenetti


3 copies available from $3.50
 Robert Kanigher, Archie Goodwin, Carl WesslerGeorge Evans, Rico Rival, Dick Ayers, John Calnan, Jerry Grandenetti


2 copies available from $4.50
 Robert Kanigher, Murray BoltinoffGeorge Evans, Bill Payne, Dick Ayers, Jess M. Jodloman, Jerry Grandenetti