Ace of Diamonds

    (Lone Star, 2000-2001)

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 Reprints Heroic Tales #3 and 5; 1st appearance of Ace of Diamonds (Danika Nolan); 1st appearance of Leon Devry; Collects material from Heroic Tales #3 & 5Glenn PorzigS. Clarke Hawbaker, Robb Phipps, Art Nichols


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 Includes preview of BloodlustGlenn PorzigRobb Phipps, Eddy Newell, Kelsey Shannon, Dusty Griffin, Nicholaus Romigh, Dave Garcia


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 1st appearance of Silver Spyder; B&WGlenn PorzigRobb Phipps


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 1st appearance of Jason Ross; 1st appearance of PsytheGlenn PorzigRobb Phipps