The Best Of Star * Studded Comics

    (Hamster, 2005)

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Dedicated to the amateur comic book published by“The Texas Trio” (Larry Herndon, Buddy Saunders & Howard Keltner); Limited Edition of 500 copies; Contains articles and interviews created for this book, never before published art & stories, as well as reprint story and art from Star * Studded; B&WBill Schelly, Larry Herndon, Buddy Saunders, Biljo White, Richard Green, Raymond Miller, Dave Bibby, John Wright, George Metzger, Phil Liebfried, Alan Weiss, Gardner Fox, Roy Thomas, Ronn Foss, Mike Vosburg, Steve Kelez, Mickey Schwaberow, Steve Herring, Alan J. Haley, Howard KeltnerBill Schelly, Ronn Foss, Buddy Saunders, Richard Green, Biljo White, Howard Keltner, Landon Chesney, Bill DuBay, George Metzger, Rick Shubb, Peter Grant, Alan Weiss, Mickey Schwaberow, Sam Grainger, Dave Herring, Alan J. Hanley, Jim Starlin, Dick Tatge, Dave Cockrum, D. Bruce Berry