Biggles Recounts…The Falklands War

    (Cinebook, 2007)
™ and © Cinebook

While the adventures of Biggles, that ace pilot from British comics fame, are truly a gem to read, this is not one of them. Instead, the “Biggles Recounts” series packs historic information into a comic book format. Surprisingly, it works well. True, many historical facts are sometimes squeezed into one box of dialog and action, but the book is well drawn, capturing the feel for the times as well as the faces of the historical figures.

In this particular package, you see the events leading up to the Falklands war in the early 1980s where Argentina finally had enough of the diplomatic method and simply invaded and took over the tiny British owned series of islands. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher rose to the occasion, dismissing calls for her own resignation and directed to Royal Military to put together a force sufficient to repel the invaders.

While Biggles may be absent, ships and aircraft abound in this historical drama played out in the comic pages.

—Ron Black

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ca. 2007Bernard Asso, Joel RideauDaniel Chauvin, Marcel Uderzo