The Bat (Mary Roberts Rinehart’s…)

    (Adventure, 1992)
™ and © 1992 Mary Roberts Rinehart

There’s a terrifying vigilante on the loose, known only as The Bat, and he strikes fear into the hearts of everyone—because his victims don’t appear to be criminals, but rather the wealthy and privileged. All is not as it seems, though, for are any of the people he terrorizes truly innocent? That’s the question that troubles the citizenry, almost as much as just who, exactly, is The Bat? One wealthy and paranoid woman doesn’t believe in him; she thinks it’s her own employees who are out to get her. She’s about to find out the truth….

Based on a classic story, this comic presents the character that was one of the inspirations for the better-known Batman. In black-and-white.

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