Axis Mundi

    (Amaze Ink, 1996)
™ and © 1996 Ian Carney and Garry Marshall

Button Smith is an amoral fourteen-year-old anarchist. In school she daily torments her classmates, especially her nerdy friend Maynard. At home she explores virtual reality “unreal estates” in the form of Axis Mundi, the most destructive net vandal on the web. Since only the rich can afford these private estates, Button makes some powerful enemies as Axis Mundi romps through and destroys their virtual playgrounds. It’s all fun and games until someone puts out an eye …as Button finds out when one of her enemies discovers her real identity.

Button is an especially fun protagonist in the fact that she really enjoys wanton destruction and thinks herself above it all. On the net, she’ll take on everyone from psychotic rock stars to billion dollar corporations, all for a laugh. And her numerous anti-social antics contain biting commentary disguised as black humor.

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