Wolverine: Weapon X (novel)

    (Marvel, 2004)

Alone and hiding out in a Christian mission, a man struggles with fragments of memory that refuse to be dismissed even by the substantial amount of whiskey he has consumed. Memories his of days as a gun runner; memories of a mission for the Canadian Intelligence Service; and most terribly, of floating in a glass coffin connected to a mass of wires and electrodes; tear at his humanity in a way nothing physical could.

Arguably the most popular member of the X-Men, comic fans’ fervor for Wolverine demanded that his mysterious past be revealed. In 1991 Barry Windsor-Smith filled in part of the backstory of the man known as Logan in the anthology title, Marvel Comics Presents #72-#84. Although his early childhood ordeals wouldn’t be revealed until Origins in 2001, the Weapon X story accommodated a portion of that entreaty. This prose novel by best-selling author Marc Cerasini, (Alien vs. Predator), greatly expands that story, detailing Logan’s transformation from wandering loner to a tormented ultimate weapon. Cerasini admirably accomplishes the unenviable task of adapting a visual character to the written word.

— George Haberberger

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Spot Varnish on coverIllustrated binding with dust jacket; 1st Marvel Press title; Novelization of Weapon X story arcMarc Cerasini 

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  Marc Cerasini