Evil Inc. Annual Report

    (Greystone Inn, 2005-2006)
™ and © 2005-2006 Brad Guigar

Brad Guigar collects a few arcs from his daily comic strip, Evil Inc., in these Annual Reports. Some of Earth’s most nefarious villains have become tired of failing in their wicked plots, and their attempts to take over the world, and have now founded a publicly-traded corporation intent on doing business ruthlessly but legally. Of course, most of the company executives have a hard time letting go of the past, and they soon have almost every department in the company working on a project to discover the secret identity of Captain Heroic, the world’s greatest super-hero, and then to destroy him. Can the company manage to stay afloat with such a single-minded, unprofitable goal? Guigar cleverly arranges the pages, taking apart his original strips and orientating them to take full advantage of the comic book format in this collection of mayhem and corporate hijinks.

— Jennifer McGinnis
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