Autumn Adventures (Walt Disney’s…)

    (Disney, 1990)
™ and © Walt Disney Productions

At the end of summer Huey, Dewey and Louie decide to run away on a river raft instead of returning to school. Donald Duck borrows Gyro Gearloose’s flying broomstick and promptly turns Duckburg’s Halloween celebration into a catastrophe. Uncle Scrooge’s plan to make money from a haunted house yields hidden loot. These are only three of the stories in this 64-page special.

As befitting the title, this comic features many of the time-honored Disney characters in stories about going back to school, Halloween and Thanksgiving. New tales as well as classic reprints by past master, Carl Barks, make this a well–rounded seasonal treat.

— George Haberberger

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  Carl barks, Joel Katz, George Beal, Bob Langhans, Bengt-Ake HakanssonCarl Barks, Ramos, Frank McSavage


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  Carl Barks, Don Christensen, Tom YakutisCarl Barks, Al Hubbard, McSavage, Paura, Tello