Wild Cherrys

    (Ricky Carralero, 2005)
™ and © Ricky Carralero

Ricky Carralero achieved a certain degree of notoriety for his artwork during the height of the “Bad Girl” phase of comics in the 90s, but here he shifts to a manga-style that also showcases what he does best: drawing attractive women in come-hither poses. There’s relatively little nudity here—although never fear, there’s some of that too—but the focus is on women in underwear, bathing suits, and sailor and schoolgirl uniforms. Good clean fun, for the most part.

Issues feature primarily full-page shots, although some offer a series of images in “photograph” sequence, as though the artist wanted to capture a few seconds in time. All drawings are in full-color; issues feature a variety of variant covers.

— Andy Richardson

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TPB Variation A

No copies available
Reg. Ltd. Edition Ricky Carrallero

TPB Variation B

No copies available
Convention Edition (girl in blue bathing suit) Ricky Carrallero

TPB Variation C

No copies available
Exclusive Ltd. Edition (girl’s school uniform, lying down) Ricky Carrallero