(Image, 2004)
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Welcome to the post-apocalyptic Purgatory Wars, where the battle over “harvested” human souls has destroyed Heaven and Hell. Sebastian, a young human, who is tragically killed and unwillingly drafted into the war. He is reunited with his deceased brother, Gideon, the most powerful angel in the Legions of Heaven, who plans to lead a coup to regain power and restore order. Realizing he holds the key to ending the war, Sebastian must face his brother, before Gideon destroys the cycle of life on Earth.

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  Keith Arem, Scott CuthbertsonChristopher Shy

#1 Variation A

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 70 additional pages; Revised storyKeith Arem, Scott CuthbertsonChristopher Shy

#1 Hardcover

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 Revised story; 70 additional pagesKeith Arem, Scott CuthbertsonChristopher Shy