Wonder Woman (Abbeville)

    (Abbeville, 1995)
™ and ©1995 DC Comics

One of the smallest, coolest cover-gallery collections around, Wonder Woman is a Big Little Book-sized collection of most of the major WW covers from Sensation Comics, All-Star Comics and the amazing Amazon’s own magazine (both the original and the revived late-80s version). The single-volume collection from Abbeville Press (which also did similar collections of Action Comics and Detective Comics covers) is a slick piece of nostalgia, and a great tribute to the most successful and enduring female super-heroine in the history of comics. In addition to the covers, the set also includes a thoughtful introduction from real-life wonder woman Gloria Steinem, who credits her dawning awareness of feminism to Wonder Woman, both in the introduction, and in the first issue of Ms. that Steinem edited (and guess who she put on the cover of that famous magazine?). The collection features a nice range of artists, from original Wonder Woman artist H.G. Peter to later greats like Dick Giordano, George Perez, and Brian Bolland.

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Front cover: detail of Wonder Woman (2nd) 63Introduction by Gloria Steinem; A portion of the text by Gloria Steinem apperaed in Wonder Woman, a Ms. Book published by Holt, Rinehart and Winston, Inc. and Warner Books, Inc. 1972Gloria SteinemRoss Andru, Eduardo Barreto, Howard Bender, Brian Bolland, Joe Brozowski, Rich Buckler, Jack Burnley, Nick Cardy, Ernie Chan, Frank Chiaramonte, Dave Cockrum, Gene Colan, Vince Colletta, Ernie Colón, Paris Cullins, Jose Delbo, Mike Esposito, Ric Estrada, Joe Gallagher, José Luis García-López, Jay Geldhof, Frank Giacoia, Dick Giordano, Mike Grell, Ed Hannigan, Frank Harry, Irwin Hasen, Don Heck, Jeff Jones, Carmine Infantino, Gil Kane, Chris Marrinan, Frank Miller, Sheldon Moldoff, Gray Morrow, Michael Nasser, Irv Novick, Bob Oksner, Jerry Ordway, Arthur Peddy, George Pérez, Harry G. Peter, Trina Robbins, Bernard Sachs, Mike Sekowsky, Joe Staton, Jill Thompson, Alex Toth