Annihilation Saga

    (Marvel, 2007)

Annihilus, long-time foe of the Fantastic Four, invaded our universe, intent on destroying all life! His Annihilation Wave swept through the forces of the Skrull, the Kree, the Nova Corps, and countless others. Even Galactus and his cosmic-powered heralds barely survived. Now, after their leader’s apparent death, the Annihilation Wave continues—heading straight to Earth! Still fractured by the events of Civil War, can Earth’s heroes mount an effective defense, especially when so many others have already failed?

The events recounted here originally appeared in several stories, from the Drax mini-series to the latest ongoing Nova series, and feature the work of numerous writers and artists, including Kieth Giffen, Andy Lanning, Ariel Olivetti, Dan Abnett, Mitch Brietwieser, and many others. The entire Saga is outlined in a very straightforward timeline—not necessarily a fun read, but definitely everything needed to get up to speed before Annihilation: Conquest begins.

— Joseph Self

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  Michael HoskinMitch Breitweiser, Scott Kolins, Ariel Olivetti, Kev Walker, Rick Magyar, Renato Arlem, Greg Titus, Jorge Lucas, Andrea DiVito, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Mike McKone, Sean Chen