Sparky in Love

    (Awakening, 2007)
™ and © 2007 Steve Peters

Sparky in Love takes “jamming” to a different level. Sparky the cat is a love-obsessed cat determined to get into a relationship with any number of cat-like and humanoid females. The art style and story direction can vary from page to page and even frame-to-frame, as that is how a “jam” works. Many times these types of stories are actually created on the fly at comic book conventions. It’s an interesting concept and makes for some wildly diverse tales that are often quite amusing.

— Mark Arnold

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 B&W; ca. 2007Steve PetersEric Wilmoth, Daniel Sponton, E.J. Barnes, Tony Consiglio, Tim Kelly, Mike Dawson, Jason B. Thompson, David Mazure, Alex Robinson, Steve Peters, Doug Slack, Pam Bliss, Wally Crane, Suzanne Baumann, Matt Feazell, Rachel Hartman, Carla Speed McNeil, Jeff Parker, Jamar Nicholas, Becky Cloonan, Mike Manley, Bob Corby, Justin Madson, Batton Lash, Geoff Grogan, Kel M. Crum, Michangelo Cicerone, Erik Hodson, Paul E. Schultz, B. Wilkison, Max Ink