Balm in Gilead

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From the Publisher:

The stories and art in this volume of whimsy share one important element: All were generously contributed in an effort to aid the victims of terror in northern Israel.

Many of these writers and artists are the leading voices of their respective genres—their politics and points of view vary sufficiently to create a stout dialogue.

The result of their joining is Balm in Gilead, a delicious anthology of artistic speculations and meditations that, despite theological nuances, move beyond the boundaries of culture to join in a singular voice of hope.
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#1 Hardcover
February, 1997
Cover Price: $19.95
5 copies available from $9.99
Robert Silverberg, Dan Mishkin, Clifford Meth, Marv Wolfman, Jack Dann, Eric Mahr, Esteve Polls, William Tenn, Jon Bogdanove, William Messner-Loebs, Moshe Chaim Levy, Owl Goingback, Harlan Ellison, Stan LeeNeal Adams, Jeff Jones, Joe Kubert