Big Plans

    (Aron Nels Steinke, 2007)
ô and © Aron Nels Steinke

The comics of your youth arenít as good as they used to be, so you might as well enjoy a bonfire. Just donít expect to find anything better at the local comic book shop. When suspicious-looking men gather in an airport terminal and speak a foreign language to each other, whatís a person to do in this post-9/11 world but get off the airplane and stay at home? But it might be wrong to feel a bit disappointed when there arenít any plane crashes on the news the next morning. Spare black and white drawings cynically illuminate the frustrations of everyday life.

ó Lorie Witkop

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ca. 2007Aron Nels SteinkeAron Nels Steinke


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 Aron Nels SteinkeAron Nels Steinke


2 copies available from $4.99
Published by Pinball; B&WAron Nels SteinkeAron Nels Steinke