Abigail & Rox in the Land of Enchantment

    (Digital Webbing, 2007)
™ and ©2003 Digital Webbing LLC

On opening this comic, readers are greeted with the W. H. Auden quote: “The way to read a fairy tale is to throw yourself in.” The rest of the book pays tribute to this inscription. Abigail and Rox are an unlikely team of a little girl and her teddy bear (though, given that this is a fairy tale, perhaps not so unlikely after all). They are cast, against their will, into a magical book full of living fairy tales. Within this book, the wicked Queen of Spades has ensorcelled Abigail’s beloved grandfather, and she must find a way to free her “grandpa” from his spell, and get herself, her grandfather and her teddy bear safely back home.

The world of Enchantment (the literal place name) is full of characters straight out of the greatest fairy tales, like Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, and the art style of this book, full of swirling lines and colors somewhat reminiscent of Winsor McCay’s Little Nemo, adds a lot to the unreal, dreamlike landscape of the book, making it an engaging read for fans of fairytales everywhere.

— Eric Garneau
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July, 2007
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Joshua GamonAdrian Sibar, Mikel Whelan