Annihilation: Conquest—Starlord

    (Marvel, 2007)
™ and © 2007 Marvel Characters, Inc.

The techno-organic race known as the Phalanx has taken advantage of the aftermath of the Annihilation War to overthrow the entire Kree Empire. All technology is susceptible to infection and control—and that’s where Peter Quill comes in. The earth-born man once known as Star-Lord has some experience in low-tech fighting, and considering he’s somewhat to blame for the Phalanx takeover, he’s the perfect guy to lead a suicide mission against them. He’ll be helped by a misfit bunch including a raccoon, a tree, and some other vaguely familiar characters from Marvel history.

This “Dirty Dozen” inspired mini-series features dry wit, black humor, and drama, starring one of the more intriguing minor characters in the original “Annihilation” crossover event. Keith Giffen (who’s covered similar ground before) is the ideal writer, while Timothy Green II’s somewhat quirky style is also appropriate.

— Andy Richardson

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