Arkadian: No Witness

    (VLE, 2007)
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A crime story that ends up being an interesting commentary on fate, Arkadian: No Witness is driven by the character of Senator Haskell, a politician currently running for re-election who finds himself in some shady dealings that have gotten out of hand—in particular, he’s involved with a mistress who claims to be a witch and who says she’ll curse him and his family if he doesn’t leave his wife for her. So it is that Haskell hires Arkadian, a killer employed by the rich and powerful to do things they can’t do themselves. Haskell’s instructions to Arkadian are clear: “no witnesses. None.” But things don’t go exactly as Arkadian wants… first someone witnesses his kill of the “witch,” then another random stranger happens upon his murder of the first bystander, etcetera. At first it seems funny, almost like slapstick, but when the tale reaches its end and Arkadian has indeed eliminated all his witnesses, the result is both shocking and sobering.

— Eric Garneau
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July, 2007
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