The Chemist

    (Image, 2007-2008)
™ and © 2007 Jay Boose

The Chemist follows the life of Vance Laroche, a man who makes a living by reverse-engineering pharmaceuticals in order to supply them to the many people who can’t afford prescription drugs. Unfortunately for Vance, he runs these drugs through the mob, and they’ve just decided they have no use for him anymore. So Vance, along with an ex-mob back-door (drug dealing middleman) named Alexis who gets caught at the wrong place at the wrong time, makes a run for it… but the mob is on their trail.

The Chemist is full of both action and humor, especially in the interaction between Vance and Alexis. Writer and artist Jay Boose wisely makes Vance something more than a typical drug mogul, adding some moral gray area, or at least some interesting complications, to the story of this drug supplier on the run.

— Eric Garneau

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