Jim’s Jerky

    (3 Finger Prints, 2007)
™ and © 3 Finger Prints

This small, square comic book comes with an unusual “cover enhancement”—an actual piece of beef jerky affixed to it. The story reveals a hitherto-unknown talent of The Three Geeks’ Jim: sausage maker. He has an innate talent for picking ingredients, although they tend to be somewhat esoteric. These include certain grapes from Tuscany (to make their own raisins) and Himalayan hickory chips. Some of the more obscure items require significant wheeling and dealing by Jim, assisted by Keith, and funded by Allen.

We’ve missed The Three Geeks but this one-shot mini-comic—like a miniscule piece of beef jerky—is too small a morsel to truly satisfy. All it does is whet one’s appetite and make us realize how hungry we’ve been. If you need a Three Geeks fix—or if you crave a piece of beef jerky taped to a tiny comic book—then this is for you.

Speaking of “3 Finger Prints”—check out Koslowski’s 2002 graphic novel Three Fingers from Top Shelf. It may be the greatest graphic novel you never heard of.

— Jack Abramowitz

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