The List

    (3 Finger Prints, 2007)
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From the Publisher:

What if Santa Claus were real? Suppose that he is. If he were real he would be the most powerful being on the planet. For “knowledge is power,” as the old saying goes, and who has more knowledge than jolly ole Saint Nick? He knows! He knows who’s naughty and he knows who’s nice. He knows… He has a list. Imagine the people who'd want to get their hands on such a list!…

Such are but a few of the questions posed in The List: the newest illustrated novel by award-winning writer/artist Rich Koslowski (Three Fingers; The King; The 3 Geeks). The List takes “fairytale” characters from our fondest, most innocent childhood memories and smack them right in the face with a harsh dose of “real-world” reality. But The List is no fairytale — it is an all-too-real take on what would really happen in a world with Santa Claus: how the greedy, power-hungry, “people in power” would stop at nothing to topple the benevolent Santa Claus and take control of the money-making machine that is Christmas. But they don’t do it alone… there is a mysterious figure from Santa’s past that helps them… someone that the world, and Santa himself, has all but forgotten!

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