Angel Fire (Carlton)

    (Carlton, 2007)
™ and © 2007 Chris Blythe and Steve Parkhouse

From the Pulisher:

Part Faustian fable, part Gothic horror story, Angel Fire is a powerful, mysterious tale of corruption and redemption, told by Chris Blythe and Steve Parkhouse, two of the UK’s top comic book creators.

Meet John Dury. The poster boy for a morally corrupt generation.

A corporate predator who hunts and kills businesses for money, power and bonuses paid in designer drugs. Angel Fire is the latest drug to hit the city; a powerful sedative and hallucinogen that seems to open a door into the next world…

But instead of unlocking the door to heaven, John finds his way to a nightmare dimension where he is stalked by the faceless shadow that waits in the deepest, blackest reaches of his own soul.

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 ca. 2007Chris BlytheSteve Parkhouse