MAD’s Greatest Artists: Sergio Aragonés

    (Running, 2010)
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(from the publisher)

For over five decades, MAD Magazine has kept devoted audiences in stitches with its consistently excellent and surprisingly relevant satire. From the witty, shameless writing to the amusing, colorful comic illustrations, MAD is a timeless American classic. For the first time ever, here is a “greatest hits” collection of one of MAD’s most popular and prolific artists - Sergio Aragones - hand-picked by the artist and featuring his greatest work from his debut with MAD in 1963 to the present.Assembled chronologically, it’s packed with memorable cartoons, insightful interviews, new cover artwork commissioned exclusively for this tome, and a special pull-out poster of Sergio’s “Marginals,” the wildly popular mini-cartoons that have appeared in MAD’s marginals for over 40 years.
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