Eating Steve: A Love Story

    (Slave Labor, 2007)
™ and © 2007 J. Marc Schmidt and Slave Labor Graphics

A fresh entry in the overdone zombie craze, this small graphic novel is as much about organic farming and bad TV as it is about brain-eating but it’s a welcome alternative to the gory gross-outs that have become standard fare elsewhere.

Subtitled “A Love Story,” the plot follows Jill as she deals with the fallout after having sampled a bit of her boyfriend Steve’s brain. Not unexpectedly, Steve breaks up with her, and she’s fired from her job, moves in with young organic farmers, and comes up with an idea for a reality TV show that just might be the next big thing. Meanwhile, a disease called MHD (Mad Human Disease, presumably) begins to infect people around the world, with seemingly normal folks suddenly developing an appetite for—you guessed it—brains. At the same time, an infestation forces Jill’s friends to compromise their principles and use pesticide to save their walnut trees. Jill becomes the key to both dilemmas.

This is actually a sweet story about a woman whose world is suddenly turned upside down through no fault of her own. Jill is a bit daft but likeable, and Schmidt skillfully weaves the various characters and plot elements around her like a net until she finally lands in a friendly port.

— Timothy J. Wood

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