(Harrier, 1986-1987)
™ and ©1987 Harrier

Once, for a short time, Ian Webster held the power of the sun itself in his hands. But no sooner had he made his debut as London‘s hottest super-hero than his power vanished, gone as mysteriously as it appeared.

Now, after 10 long years, the power has returned. But how, and perhaps more importantly, why? Who, or what, is the enigmatic Emlord, what is the terrible threat he/it warns of, and what does he/it have to do with Ian?

The backup feature of this 2-issue series was Grant Morrison’s science fiction/fantasy saga, Abraxas.

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 Bill W. RyanLou Manna


1 copy available for $3.99
 Bill W. Ryan, Stan TimmonsLou Manna