Bad Girls of Blackout

    (Blackout, 1995)
™ and ©1995 Blackout Comics

1994 and 1995 saw the emergence of a “bad girl” trend in comics. With comics like Lady Death, Razor, and Avengelyne, it seemed like suddenly every female character came equipped with a sword, a skimpy costume, and a bad attitude.

Blackout Comics was certainly no stranger to this phenomenon. Their Bad Girls of Blackout title served as a sampler to the adventures of their own stable of bad girl beauties. The “Zero issue” preview, for instance, unites age-old vampire Lady Vampre with the invulnerable Violet (from Extremes of Violet) and vigilantes Ms. Cyanide & Ice against a magic-endowed Jack the Ripper. Later issues added the female Ninja Hari Kari (“Her art is death!”) to the mix.

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3 copies available from $3.50
  John R. PlattGuy Dorian, Jake Jacobsen, Rich Buckler Jr., Tommy Castillo


6 copies available from $1.99
 ca. 1995John R. PlattGuy Dorian, Jesse Chen, Scott Cohn

Annual #1

January, 1995
4 copies available from $3.50
  Bruce Schoengood, John R. PlattFauve, Jake Jacobsen, Brock L. Hor Jr.