Marvel 80th Anniversary Poster Book

    (Marvel, 2019)

(From the publisher)

Celebrate eight decades of Marvel Comics by building an instant poster collection of some of the finest covers in the history of the House of Ideas - in all their oversized glory! Artistic greats from every era of comics history deliver the defining images of Marvel’s greatest heroes, curated from a catalog of thousands! They are the iconic illustrations that are indelibly burned in your mind’s eye - and now you can hang them in your home! We just hope you've got enough space on your walls!

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 Oversize Frank R. Paul, Jack Kirby, John Romita, John Buscema, Gil Kane, John Byrne, Frank Miller, Mike Zeck, Todd McFarlane, Jim Lee, George Pérez, Joe Quesada, Adi Granov, Michael Turner, Jamie McKelvie, Sara Pichelli, Brian Stelfreeze, Ryan Stegman, Walt Simonson