It Ate Billy on Christmas

    (Dark Horse, 2007)
™ and ©2007 Roman Dirge and Steven Daily

From the Publisher:

It would have been a Christmas like any other for little Lumi and her horrible, terrible, obnoxious, awful bully of a brother Billy. But then a funny little monster appeared and ate Billy right up! Lumi knows it’s not really a good thing to let a monster eat your brother, but she can’t help but notice that things are, in fact, much nicer now that he’s gone. Now that things are looking up a little in her world, Lumi has to decide what to do with her new little monster friend, and—most importantly—what she’s going to feed him…

Acclaimed underground comics creator Roman Dirge (Lenore) collaborates with painter Steven Daily on this one-of-a-kind hardcover storybook, perfectly suited for weird kids of all ages.

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#1 Hardcover

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HardcoverRoman Dirge, Steven DailyRoman Dirge

#1 Hardcover (2nd printing)

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2nd printingRoman Dirge, Steven DailyRoman Dirge