Badger Saves The World

    (Idea + Design Works, 2007-2008)

Pavlov Krauthammer, a mercenary terrorist, is using dogs as “suicide bombers” to bring about a cataclysmic event. This is a practice that Ham finds objectionable on principle and Norbert objects to as a dog lover. The cruelty of a terrorist using defenseless dogs as a bomb delivery system seems at odds with the general madcap nature of Badger’s adventures. A text piece in the first issue by writer/creator Mike Baron about his beloved dog, Lucy, serves to illustrate the dichotomy.

The Badger is only one of the personalities of Norbert Sykes, now a Gulf War veteran, (retconned from being a Vietnam vet), who suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder. Together with Ham, a druid mystic from the 5th century and Daisy his mental health caseworker, Norbert involved himself in a myriad of adventures. The series was originally published by Capital and then by First Comics for 70 issues. This 5-issue series from IDW follows a one-shot, Badger Bull!

— George Haberberger

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#1 Variation A

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Badger on Church roofMike BaronKevin Caron

#1 Variation B

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Incentive cover; Badger in restaurantMike BaronKevin Caron


2 copies available from $3.00
 Mike BaronKevin Caron, Jeff T. Cruz


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 Mike BaronKevin Caron, Lynx Studios


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 Mike BaronAlberto Dose


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 Mike BaronAlberto Dose

Book #1

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Collects Badger Save the World #1–5 and Badger Bull #1Mike BaronAlberto Dose, Kevin Caron