The Comic Eye

    (Blind Bat, 2007)
™ and © 2007 Blind Bat Press and respective creators

From the Publisher:

The Comic Eye is a unique collection of 50 biographical and fictional comic strips by 50 talented comic makers! The theme of each strip is comics, making comics, favorite comics, or why the creator has a passion for the medium. 176 pages from such creators as:

Fred Hembeck, Rick Geary, Paul McCusker, Sam Agro, John Migliore, Larry Blake, Ron Kasman, Gord Pullar, R.G. Taylor, Joe Ollman, Earl Geier, Mike Cherkas, Tim Corrigan, Patrick Dean, Terry Pavlet, Steve Skeates, Vincent Marchesano, Nick Craine, Rob Walton, Ron Hobbs, Allen Freeman and many more.
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