(Asylum, 2007)
™ and © 2007 Frank Forte and Nenad Gucunja

You know, in no field but comics is there a steady presence of post-Apocalyptic, mutated, urban wasteland stories, and it’s still rare for one to be able to say an entry to the genre was too short. Dtox has shapely art, a mutated tongue-in-cheek writing style reminiscent of Beau Smith’s Parts Unknown, and a low price for its oversize 28 pages. But its 11 pages of story are a bit pat. A character named Killvixen is threatened by hideous mutants who are then mowed down by Dtox. As a character intro, it doesn’t distinguish the protagonist much. Solve that, and we’ll forget to ask what material Dtox uses to store his acid that dissolves anything.

— Brendan McGinley

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