Zombo Fantasma, El

    (Dark Horse, 2004)
™ and © 2004 Kevin Munroe & Dave Wilkins

An edgier, more “mature” answer to DC’s Mucha Lucha, El Zombo Fantasma is a cacophonous entry in the mercifully small Mexican-wrestling comic-book genre. Befitting the aesthetic of such an enterprise, most every page of this first installment is filled with loudness, rudeness, and/or cartoony violence, little of which will resonate with readers for more than two seconds after the issue is tossed aside in favor of the television remote.

The less-than-original storyline involves a big, burly wrestler dying and going to Hell, only to get a shot at redemption by performing a good deed on Earth (which, in this case, involves playing guardian angel for an ugly, obnoxious little girl). Naturally, El Zombo reluctantly undertakes the task.

One of the few redeeming qualities of this comic book is El Zombo’s commentary on the irony of being a wrestler fans love to hate. However, this doesn’t save it from its many faults, which include awkward storytelling, a clumsy mix of painted and animation-style art, and a cast of unlikable characters.

— Brett Weiss

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