Catwoman: The Visual Guide to the Feline Fatale

    (DK, 2004)

Published just in time for the release of the summer movie staring Halle Berry, this “ultimate guide” is an illustrated biography of the fetching cat burglar Selina Kyle. Featuring a foreword by current comics series writer Ed Brubaker, it also takes its visual cues from recent Secret Files retro recreation.

Separated into four sections (style, mind, crimes, and career), it does include enough of Jim Balent’s and Bruce Timm’s renditions and is updated with illustrations from Jim Lee’s successful “Hush” Batman arc.

As the author of the Batman Ultimate Guide and other DC Comics, Beatty knows his subject. However, though timed with the new film, the book oddly omits the various cinematic versions of this anti-heroine, ranging from the TV show’s Julie Newmar, Eartha Kitt, and Lee Meriweather to Michelle Pfeiffer’s memorable portrayal in Batman Returns. And, as opposed to other compendia in this expanding series, this hardcover is a bit pricey for a slim 64 pages.

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64 pagesScott Beatty