Aliens: Tribes

    (Dark Horse, 1992)
™ and ©1992 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Something had gone terribly wrong in the orbital medical facility Todlab XVI. Some of the medical personnel had been slaughtered, others were missing—and the signs of Alien infestation were everywhere. Despite attempts to have the facility marked as classified and off limits, a military strike force was eventually called in. What they found was a hospital turned into a hive, with an Alien queen and her horrible progeny everywhere.

Following standard procedures, they placed implosive charges around the perimeter of the station. These were set on a failsafe that that would utterly destroy the station if any Aliens were detected escaping. What followed next was a horrific bug hunt as five soldiers attempted to destroy the queen—and uncover the sinister operations that had led to Todlab XVI’s tragic fate.

Aliens: Tribes is an award–winning hardback comic novel.
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Stephen R. BissetteDave Dorman