The All-New Tenchi Muyo Part 1

    (Viz, 2002)
™ and © Viz Communications, Inc.

There’s good news for hard-core Tenchi fans—you can ignore the “all-new” appellation in the title of this series: This new Tenchi manga has absolutely nothing to do with the last Tenchi Muyo TV series, known alternatively as New Tenchi or Tenchi in Tokyo (which, even for a series well known for its silliness, got way too silly). No, they’re sticking to the continuity of the first Original Video Animation series.

And for those to whom that last paragraph was complete Greek, this issue serves as a nice introduction to the whole Tenchi universe. We find that it’s business as usual at the Misaki Halfway House for Extraterrestrial Unemployables (Fabulous Babes a Specialty), as each of the characters is introduced in turn and given a chance to shine in a story that’s as slight as it is silly.

No, there’s nothing startlingly new or original here, but you can never undervalue the pleasure of comfortable time spent with familiar fictional friends.

— S.A. Bennett
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July, 2002
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