52/WW III Part Two: The Valiant

    (DC, 2007)

After Infinite Crisis, the continuity of almost all the DC titles was shifted ahead one year in time. The resulting changes—some major, some minor—were supposed to be explained in the weekly 52 series. However, the storylines in that title grew to such a point that there was no room for these explanations. The WWIII event, four issues all released on the same day, set about to answer some of the fans’ questions.

While Black Adam’s war continues, the issue tells us how Supergirl can be in the future and the present at the same time, lets us know how Donna Troy became Wonder Woman, shows us the reason Cassandra Cain/Batgirl turned evil, and explained how Aquaman returned San Diego to the surface and underwent his startling transformation.

— William Gatevackes

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 World War III; Supergirl; Aquaman; Batgirl; Martian Manhunter; Doom Patrol; Booster Gold; Black Adam; Wonder Woman; AquagirlKeith ChampagneAndy Smith