Astro City: A Visitor’s Guide

    (WildStorm, 2004)
™ and © WildStorm, an imprint of DC Comics

This excellent one–shot is a primer on all things Astro City–related. Astro City is writer Kurt Busiek’s magnum opus—a super-hero saga that often unfolds through the eyes of the ordinary citizens whose lives are touched by the valiant endeavors of their protectors. This guide opens with the tale of young woman whose body was temporarily possessed by the psychic essence of a super–villain; it’s the aftermath that’s the real story here, the human side. Busiek also includes a prose history of Astro City, as well as neighborhood and dining guides. The book is rounded out with Who’s Who–style pages featuring Samaritan, the Honor Guard, Jack in the Box, the First Family, Winged Victory, the N-Forcer, Cleopatra, the Gentleman, Crackerjack, Nightingale and Sunbird, the Crossbreed, the Flying Fox, the Living Nightmare, the Confessor, the Blue Knight, the Irregulars, the Hanged Man, Air Ace, the All–American, the Old Soldier, the Black Badge, the Silver Agent, Atomicus, and Supersonic. This is a fun one–shot for longtime readers as well as newcomers to Astro City.

— Thomas Moudry

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December, 2004
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Kurt BusiekBrent Anderson, Ben Oliver, Alex Ross, Jim Lee, Carlos Pacheco, Jason Pearson, Dave Gibbons, Bill Sienkiewicz, Jerry Ordway, Walt Simonson, Phil Noto, Lee Weeks, Bruce Timm, Ray Lago, Mark Buckingham, Simon Bisley, Jackson “Butch” Guice, Jim Starlin, Gene Ha, Kelley Jones, John Paul Leon, Mark Texeira, Howard Chaykin, Michael Golden, Pasqual Ferry, Tom Grummett, Darwyn Cooke