Alien Dice

    (Keenspot, 2005)
™ and © 2005 Keenspot Entertainment

Reminiscent of Pokémon and Digimon, Alien Dice is a game that involves techno-organic devices that, when inert, resemble common dice. When scattered on a planet, however, they merge with a non-sentient life-form, creating a creature possessing rudimentary intelligence, the ability to talk, and at least one amazing power. The first part of the game is the collection of the newly-bonded dice. Then the battles begin…

Enter Lexx, a popular and successful player. Unfortunately, Lexx is an indentured slave, required to win three sets of the game to earn his freedom. On Earth for his final set, a confident Lexx just wants everything to go quickly and smoothly…

Enter Chelsea, college sophomore, home alone on a stormy night. When one of Lexx’s more rebellious dice bonds with Chel’s tiny kitten, Lexx reluctantly agrees to let Chel tag along for the rest of the game.

— Joseph Self

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