Gun Theory

    (Epic, 2003)
™ and ©2003 Marvel Characters, Inc.

“There is more to fear from an empty heart than from a loaded gun.”

Other than a potential tagline for the NRA, this is the Gun Theory, part one of which introduces a cold-blooded killer-for-hire who is so callous in his work that he ponders what he is hungry for while blowing someone’s brains out. The killer in question is not an ironically humorous figure in the mold of a Quentin Tarantino tough. Rather, he’s a seasoned professional who has a job to do and who, by the way, has yet to eat breakfast.

What makes this issue work is the clinical detachment on display by the “man with no name.” When he accidentally kills the wrong person, he simply corrects the error by killing the right person. No fuss, no muss. His only real concern is carrying out each job without arousing suspicion. He does this by remaining anonymous at all costs and by not forming personal relationships, making him the ultimate loner.

Gun Theory’s amoral lead, grisly violence, gnarled art (great close-up on Page 28), grungy realism, and overall downbeat theme will appeal to fans of DC Comics’ Vertigo line. However, those looking for a morally centered (or immorally centered) vigilante or even a vengeful Death Wish-type character should look elsewhere.

— Brett Weiss
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October, 2003
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November, 2003
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