Superman and the Legion of Super-Heroes

    (DC, 2008)
™ and © 2008 DC Comics, Inc.

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Superstar artist Gary Frank joins writer Geoff Johns for an epic story teaming Superman with an adult version of the Legion of Super-Heroes, originally presented in Action Comics #858-863!

When he was a boy, Clark Kent was isolated and alone until he met this teen team from the 31st century. Today, it’s been years since Superman saw his childhood friends. Why haven’t they returned to visit him? What’s become of the symbol of Superman in the future? And just why is the future so dangerous for Superman? They warned him away, but now he’s determined to help his friends - even if it means his life!

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 Collects Action Comics #858–863Geoff JohnsGary Frank

#1 Hardcover

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 Collects Action Comics #858–863; Introduction by Keith GiffenGeoff JohnsGary Frank

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  Geoff JohnsGary Frank