The 1,001 Nights of Bacchus

    (Dark Horse, 1993)
™ and ©1993 Eddie Campbell

Bacchus is the oldest of old drunks. He’s the Greek god of wine and revelry who still wanders the earth in search of good company and a bit of liquid refreshment.

When he turned up at the Traveller’s Joy free house, the owner treated him as an honored guest, and the patrons were happy to tip a few back with the man who invented the sport. In fact, they were so reluctant to leave after last call that the owner had to make them a deal: they could stay in the pub as long as old Bacchus stayed awake.

To keep him from nodding off, the patrons took turns telling their best bar stories, just as Scheherazade would tell stories in The Arabian Nights. Ultimately, their efforts were futile, but in the meanwhile they spun some great yarns of love, drunkenness, obsession, and the psychology of the dead. Each is illustrated by Bacchus creator Eddie Campbell, working with an ensemble of guest writers.

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 NN; One-shot; B&WEddie CampbellDylan Horrocks, Eddie Campbell, Gilgamesh, Steve Stamatiadis, Wes Kublick