101 Other Uses For a Condom

    (Apple, 1991)
™ and ©1991 Glenn Hauman. Art ©1991 the respective creators

In an attempt to put a lighthearted cast on what for many is an uncomfortable subject, Apple Press introduced this AIDS-prevention special in 1991. It recruited a stunning array of artists to illustrate their ideas for alternate uses for a latex condom. The result was a hilarious collection of sketches from the likes of Fred Hembeck, Phil Foglio (Angel and the Ape, XXXenophile), Don Lomax (Fire Team), Scott Lobdell (The Uncanny X-Men), Mike Grell (Green Lantern, Sable), and numerous others.

Use #1: a cake frosting dispenser. Use #26: a horn protector for unicorns. Use #27: a fishing net for eels. Use #34: a golf club cozy. Use #63: a very small personal flotation device. Use #65: finally, a way to save that half-eaten banana. Use #71: keeps sand out of the bore of M1 rifles (an actual use by the U.S. military!). Use #78: evidence bags for the D.E.A. Use #92: a nose warmer. Use #95: galoshes for a kitten…

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 B&WGlenn HaumanTip Akanew, David Lee Anderson, Michael Arnold, Aldrin Aw, Max Banks, Hilary Barta, Chris Batista, Steve Biasi, Barry Blair, Mark Bloch, Mark Bodé, Mitch Coombs, Dave Cooper, Jerry Craft, Bill Cucinotta, Stephen DeStefano, Tony Detres, Mike Dreher, Anton Drek, Steve Dutro, Laurie Edwards, Mike Flint, Phil Foglio, Brad W. Foster, Paul Fricke, James W. Fry III, Jerry Fuchs, Dennis Fujitake, Dave Garcia, Rick Geary, Sergio Goncalves, John Gould, Grass Green, Mike Grell, T.W.M. Grove, Avram Grumer, Rudolph Hapsburg, Steve hauk, Seitu Hayden, John Hebert, Fred Hembeck, Lea Hernandez, David Hillman, Dave Hoover, Richard Howell, Kenneth Huey, John Hunter, Joe James, Meschach Kaplan, Dave Klisiewicz, R. Kevin Kramer, Ed Levine, Scott Lobdell, Don Lomax, Jay Lynch, Dev Madan, Myke Maldonado, Mark Mazz, Mark McKenna, Mike Melillo, William Messner-Loebs, Gina Minichino, David Mitchell, Delphyne Mori, Gray Morrow, Lee Moyer, Matt Myers, Skot Olson, Oslo Pe, Jared Phillips, E.P. Powell, Denise Rettmer, Doug Rice, Frank Rodriguez, Stu Shiffman, Timothy Granger Smith, Arne Starr, Stephen Sullivan, Ruth Thompson, Frank Thorne, Rurik Tyler, Mercy E. Van Vlack, Mitch Waxman, Rob Weske, Joan Woods, John Workman Jr.