(Crusade, 1996)
™ and ©1996 Bernie Wrightson and Joy Mosier-Dubinsky2

A post-apocalyptic story, it begins in the year 1111 of the New Time, or 1111 years after Hell was torn open, and demons and devils spewed out into the world killing and raping all that they surveyed. The only bright spot of this comes with the birth of Hope, whom the common folk proclaim as their savior. Kidnapped at an early age and raised by demons, Hope turns her back on her people until she is forced to use her fantastic powers and assume her title of Messiah to this wretched future world.

Produced in an unusual half-art, half-text format with only rough, penciled drawings, the title has an amateurish feel. The storyline is confused and plodding with minimal characterization, though some horror fans may enjoy the bloody storylines and all will enjoy the dark, brooding art by Bernie Wrightson.

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 NN; Illustrated story; Prose story with facing page illustrations; One-shot; B&WJoy Mosier-DubinskyBernie Wrightson